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Hey guys, thank you so much for getting me to 1k followers, I absolutely adore you all <3 To celebrate, my poll said you guys’d like a tumblr awards, so here we go!


  • mbf me and lauren (judged by both)
  • reblogs only + can like for reference (but won’t count)
  • must reach 50 notes
  • 1 winner and 2 runners up in each category
  • ends on May 2nd, 12pm BST
  • winners will be posted ASAP afterwards


  1. best marvel
  2. best sherlock
  3. best tolkein
  4. best multifandom
  5. best theme
  6. best url
  7. nicest blogger


  • Winners: +follow from me and lauren, promos whenever you like (from me) until June 2nd and my eternal love
  • Runners up: +follow from me and lauren, 1 promo whenever you want it (from me) and my eternal love

Good luck <3

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